Nov 23

Milo Caliente: A Little of Me

Welcome to my blog, Today I want share with you a little of me.I was born on Bogota, Colombia. Always have been arounded of a big family, like latin families are. I am a guy really charming, smart and kind, but also have a strong personalitie, really enjoy to talk with other people and love to dance.I have been dancing since I was 13 years old, when I got in my first class of dance, sing and theater. Always I have felt identify with the art, almost all the time with the dance. But now I’d like to be TV host. I also am graduated of financial administration and had traveled around South America, but I gonna leave that story to other time.This is all for today, don’t lost my streaming and I hope you enjoy my next entry.The life are the decisions you make

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Nov 19

Tanner North: Am I Even Here for the 1st Time Right Now? *story Time

First of can I say how exciting it is to have my little blog spot on here (for those that don’t know I run a blog site but only difference is I don’t get coins for writing on this one LOL)Well I guess I should introduce myself huh!? *hahaMy name is Tanner North I’m Latino with Honduran heritage mixed with Mexican influences. YES I SPEAK SPANISH. I’ve been camming for 2 years (November 1st 2017 marked my 2 year anniversary) I’m an XBIZ Award Nominated camboy and other awards too but that one carries more weight LOLI have a lot of titles from internet personality to president/chairman so don’t be fooled and think I don’t have any brains because trust me I have some plus love to receive some if you know what I mean ;)I have a weird sense of humor if you haven’t noticed yet, plus I can talk for hours If you let me. I’m super opinionated and a little selfish at times, I guess I should also mention I’m boujee as fu*k so don’t be offended if I’m shoving the “send me credits” down your throat (Versace and Prada is expensive so Papi needs coins to pay for it ALL) I’m going to stop because remember *cough* I’m not getting paid to write this *hahahaha All jokes aside I could go on for hours because I’m like an onion, I have 60 layers and each time you peel a layer, you learn more and more about me and how annoying I am LOLI’ll tell you more about me so if you’re interested. Lets chat on cam and if I’m not on go ahead and call me on my extension number, (It’s on my profile if you were wondering, if you weren’t then this bracket is pointless)Well da*n you made it this far now, so go ahead and follow me on my socials.Twitter+Intsagram+Snapchattannersnorth

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Nov 17

Mathias Ford: A Great Experience

things occurring events that mark a day one hour a climate and up to people as I delighted with everything new that exists both managed to convey too many emotions together to make our invisible and impalpable mark in the mind of those who stunned or eager to be one or another reason that called or captivates your attention does not have any description describe it would be to offend so extremely special sensations which are saved after a greeting from people that never in life believed to find much of that here that I love and full of satisfaction in another person that you remove from a smile up to a surprising and a want to be or have increasingly more closely because it is not taking the step is to leave the really important footprint and each time to take it to its maximum expression as if it was RA really that last and inexhaustible when expected

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